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Meet Our Team

Matthew D. Haab: Wealth Management Partner

Matthew D. Haab, CFP™, CPA
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Matthew Haab is President and Wealth Management Partner at Veros, overseeing and managing the firm’s wealth management group. As the firm’s founder, he’s been here since the beginning – his first office desk was in his bedroom.

Long before studying finance and accounting at Indiana University, Matthew was developing his mathematical prowess as a boy by playing dominoes with his grandfather. Competitive by nature, he pushed himself to add up the dominoes faster and faster, looking for ways to score more points. He didn’t have a television growing up, so he spent a lot of time outside — getting into trouble. As a kid, he managed to sink so deep into mud that he had to be rescued, he got stuck on a barbed wire fence for half an hour (until a passing motorist helped him down), and he got run over by his dad with a riding lawnmower — which luckily wasn’t running.

He is considered a no-sleep, early-to-work madman, but after work he devotes the same energy to his leisure pursuits. He plays sand volleyball and dodge ball, and is constantly doing something physically active. Although he can slow down long enough to hang out at the pool with family and friends.

Matthew dreams of being able to winter in a warmer climate and of taking a romantic European vacation with his wife. He hopes to see Veros grow dramatically over the next few years. He has also set goals to make it possible for his wife and him to significantly support causes that they consider important, including starting a foundation that promotes physical and financial fitness. Luckily, he has plenty of time to meet his goals, as he plans on living to see his 120th birthday.

Adam R. Decker: Business Consulting Partner

Adam R. Decker, CPA, CVA
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Adam Decker is the Business Consulting Partner at Veros, which he joined back in 2001. He’s originally from a typical small Indiana town called Holton — 300 people, a grocery the size of a convenience store, a bank branch, a feed mill and little else. He was an adventurous youth, spending most of his time outside, even when the weather was at its coldest and snowiest or at its hottest and most humid. Adam still loves the outdoors — working in the yard and camping with his family, and cycling whenever possible.

Adam’s the honorary president of his own personal Hobby of the Week Club. Outside of work, he enjoys a wide range of unrelated pursuits, including but not limited to, playing Balderdash with friends, capturing moles in his yard, coaching a tee-ball team, and various athletic and social events with Team High Life. Business and accounting were his focus at Franklin College, but he’s turned his continuing education to beer. Adam spends a fair amount of time finding and sampling new craft brews.

One among Adam’s dreams for his future is building a life that will allow his children to be able to have many of the same experiences that he had growing up, and that will allow him to participate in those experiences with them. He has plans to travel the country and the world, exposing them to exotic locales and cultures. Adam is making that possible by helping build the firm so that it can function without him there every day, and by teaching his children about the world outside this little bubble in Indianapolis.

Cindy Adams2

Cynthia L. Adams, CPA
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Cindy Adams, known as Cindy by most is a Tax Manager at Veros Partners, and her primary role will include assisting both the business consulting and wealth management clients. Cindy has lived in Greenwood, IN since 4th grade. Cindy and her husband both graduated from Center Grove High School, although they did not date during their high school days because she was a drum major and he was an athlete. Along with their two children, they are still very active in the Center Grove community.

Cindy knew she was destined for accounting because as a kid she always enjoyed counting money and saving it. While working at Sears in the paint department, Cindy learned the important in providing great customer service and to really listen to customers. Cindy is a graduate of Purdue University and is a Purdue football season ticket holder for almost twenty years. Football plays an intricate role in Cindy’s family life. Cindy is part of the CGTrojan Gridiron Association, while her husband films games for the high school and her son is part of the Center Grove football coaching staff. In the past, Cindy has cooked numerous program meals and two-a-day meals for up to 150 players and coaches at a time. This is why she is known by many as a queen bee of organization and communication.

Cindy is proficient in her organization, tax knowledge and follow through with all of her clients. She loves being a part of the Veros team because that the goal to aid clients and staff to achieve their dreams and goals for Tomorrow matches her own beliefs. Cindy’s dreams for Tomorrow include enjoying the “empty-nest”, traveling more with her husband and enjoying grandchildren, she currently has one granddaughter. In order to achiever her goals, Cindy plans to stay on task with annual family financial meetings!

Kristin Ahaus2

Kristin M. Ahaus
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Kristin Ahaus joined the Veros Team as a Client Service Coordinator in December 2013. Kristin will be a concierge for several business and dental clients, along with having her hands in the marketing and event planning. Kristin was born and raised on the south side of Indianapolis and still resides there today. She was a very out going and active child that enjoyed traveling and sports. Although Kristin was deemed somewhat of a tomboy as a child, she is also drawn to fashion.

Kristin comes to Veros after nine years of being the Operations Coordinator for a volleyball club. She grew up playing competitive volleyball all through college, and as an adult, Kristin transferred her passion from playing to coaching and running a travel program for young players. Volleyball is not the only sport of passion. Kristin is a huge IU basketball, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers and Cincinnati Reds fan! You can pretty much count on some sporting event to be on a TV each night at her house.

Kristin is annoyingly organized and always on the go which makes her a great fit into the fast-paced environment at Veros. Throughout her career, Kristin has realized the true importance of relationships. She believes that her people skills along with her strong communication skills are a great fit in the culture at Veros.

Kristin’s core values include family, faith and hard work. Outside of the office, Kristin enjoys spending time with her two kids (Brooklyn and Avery) and husband, Steve. Kristin dreams of providing a private school education along with fully funding college for her kids. She also dreams of spending her free time travelling with her friends and family. Kristin plans to stay on track to reach her Tomorrow by working hard and saving money to ensure that her family has financial freedoms.

Amber C. Banks: Business Consulting Manager

Amber C. Banks
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As a Manager at Veros since 2010, Amber Banks services, develops and maintains client relationships. She grew up on the south side of Indianapolis, and as one of six kids was very outgoing and social. That’s become one of her biggest strengths now at Veros — an ability to foster both business and personal relationships.

Right after high school, Amber worked in the filing room at a large CPA firm and decided that filing was “super boring” and that she should become an accountant instead. She got her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Indiana Wesleyan University, and she hasn’t looked back. When she’s not dealing with numbers, the self-professed movie buff enjoys playing Wii and Sing Star with her sisters.

Amber’s dreams for her future include having two or three kids and traveling yearly with her husband and family. Professionally, she wants to become a successful partner at Veros, growing the firm and maintaining close and rewarding relationships with clients and referral partners. She loves working at Veros because of the environment of teamwork cultivated here, and the opportunities she has to grow as a professional and as a person.

Mylene V. Egenolf: Business Consulting Manager

Mylene V. Egenolf, CPA
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Mylene Villanueva Egenolf has been a Business Consulting Manager at Veros since 2007, managing the firm’s tax compliance and planning services for clients, as well as overseeing continual improvements of the firm’s internal processes.

Outside of work, Mylene lives for “faith, family, and football” – growing up in the Catholic schools system, all three were greatly emphasized! While she was extremely shy as a child, Mylene now fills her time as the number one (and loudest) fan for her four kids’ sporting activities. Football, of course being one of the top favorites! Her son’s football coach once mocked her saying “What mother actually tells the coach they want their son to be a receiver and NOT the quarterback!”

Mylene loves to host large parties with primarily “made-from-scratch” food – her cakes are always a big hit. Both Mylene and her husband Matt come from large extended families who like to gather frequently so this comes in handy. Speaking of which, many people know the family as living in “the compound” as Mylene’s brother and his family live right next door and their mom also lives on the same cul de sac!

Obsessed with piggy banks (she loves to buy them as presents), Mylene and Matt are working towards fully funding college for their four kids. She also dreams of traveling extensively with her family and loves the fact that you can hop on a plane and be in a completely different part of the world exposed to a different culture and way of life in a matter of hours!

Amy N. Haab: Business Consulting Manager

Amy N. Haab, CPA
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Currently a Manager at Veros, Amy Haab has been with the firm since 2002, doing everything from managing the day-to-day operation of the office to working on bookkeeping and accounting projects for small business clients. As a kid she toyed with a few career paths, but after scoring well on standardized math tests, she took an accounting class and loved it. Following her instincts, Amy studied accounting in college and graduated from Ball State University.

Amy is Veros’ resident fitness guru. She loves working out and motivating others to become physically fit. In addition to her job here, she works as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and recently became certified to instruct Turbo Kick. Amy hopes to be able to get more involved as a fitness instructor in the future.

With a penchant for sun and surf, Amy dreams of someday having a second home in Florida, from which she could work remotely at Veros during the winter months. She loves the people she works with at Veros, as well as the knowledge that she’s helping to make her clients’ lives easier by taking some of the financial work off their plates.

Christina Y. Hodgson: Office Coordinator

Christina Y. Hodgson
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Christy Hodgson is the Office Coordinator at Veros. Christy grew up on a small farm in Martinsville, Indiana where she was known for climbing the tallest trees—a hobby she no longer pursues due to an ironic fear of heights.

When it comes to organizing, Christy is a natural. Her friends joke that she should have her own TV show on how to organize your home. This uncommon ability helps her manage the many roles her position at Veros requires. When she’s not busy organizing, you’ll find her at throwback boy band concerts being the loudest girl in the audience.

Christy’s dreams for Tomorrow include having children, running a mini-marathon, buying her dream home, traveling to Italy and revisiting the Jamaica retreat where she honeymooned with her husband. She is making these dreams come true by taking care of her priorities first and keeping a list of everything she wants to achieve because she knows hard work pays off and nothing happens overnight.

Zach A. Kubly: Business Consulting Manager

Zach A. Kubly, CPA
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Zach Kubly is a Business Consulting Manager at Veros. He attended Indiana University and realized he was destined to work with numbers when he noticed he was one of the few people staying awake in his college accounting classes.

Outside of work, Zach loves spending time with his family and friends, traveling and cooking. He even has deemed his risotto-making skills “wizard-like” and would never turn down an opportunity to try a new ethnic or exotic food.

His future goals include more adventure and travel. For his 10 year anniversary with his wife Lindsey, he plans to return to Italy. And someday, he wants to take his whole family skiing out West. Zach is excited about his role at Veros and plans to continue to work hard to accomplish all of his goals.

Julie K. Mahan: Wealth Management Client Advocate

Julie K. Mahan
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Julie Mahan is the Wealth Management Client Advocate at Veros. An Indianapolis native, Julie grew up on the north side. Shy and quiet as a child, she loved school and was always drawn to music and art.

Julie’s early love of art shaped her eye for aesthetics and talent for creating beautiful things from home decorating to hand-sewn wedding dresses. Her keen eye has turned into a knack for recognizing a quality antique when she sees it. When not hunting for antiques and art with her husband, Bill, or cheering for the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field, Julie loves spending time with her two daughters and granddaughter.

Julie dreams for Tomorrow include helping her granddaughter attend the college of her choice and visiting historic sites in New England with her husband. Julie is making these dreams come true with a simple, effective system for saving—skipping the plastic and paying with cash.

Lauren Mahan: Business Consulting Client Service Director, Business Consulting Executive Coordinator, Marketing Director

Lauren Mahan
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Lauren Mahan wears many hats at Veros. She’s the Business Consulting Client Service Director, the Business Consulting Executive Coordinator, and the Marketing Director. Lauren grew up on her family’s farm in Rushville, Indiana, where her childhood activities included races along hay bales and building forts with her older brother. Her dad put her to work on the farm at an early age, but the fit she once threw in a local department store over the purple coat she thought she needed proved she wasn’t just a tomboy!

While she was a student at Purdue University, Lauren supplemented her communication and public relations coursework with healthy doses of live music, which she still enjoys when she gets the chance. Her family’s lake house is another top destination. Lauren is a member of the Veros sand volleyball team and she can make a sweet potato soufflé that her friends tell her “will frequent your dreams.”

Lauren dreams of returning to Spain, where she studied in 2002, and seeing it again from a more mature perspective. She’d also like to build a deck on her house to entertain friends and family, and someday have a lake house of her own. She’s a bit of a live-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl, but she has her goals in writing and is saving money to achieve them.

Rhonda J. McCarthy: Client Concierge

Rhonda J. McCarthy

Rhonda McCarthy is a Client Concierge at Veros. As a native of Bargersville, Indiana, she loved being outdoors as a child and spent most of her time riding her bike, playing in the dirt or gardening. Rhonda still loves the outdoors as much as she did as a child and still loves to garden. She and her husband host barbecues with friends and family and even joined a dinner club where they have a chance to experience new foods and recipes.

Rhonda enjoys working with clients and providing them with the best possible service. While she worked in banking for several years, Rhonda discovered that she loved helping people with their financial needs. At her first job working in a men’s retail store, Rhonda came to appreciate the importance of hard work. She also learned the basic principle of treating others how one wants to be treated; do what is right and the other “stuff” will follow.

She would love to travel to southern Spain and Italy with her family in the next five years. Rhonda’s 20-year goal is to have a summer home on a golf course in South Carolina so her family can enjoy the nice weather during the cold Indiana weathers. To ensure she’s on track with her Tomorrow Plan, Rhonda will continue to work hard and save money.

Jessica A. McGowan: Wealth Management Client Service Director, Wealth Management Executive Coordinator

Jessica A. McGowan
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Jessica McGowan has been with Veros since 2007 and works as the Wealth Management Client Services Director. Her primary job is establishing new clients and handling the daily needs of existing ones.

Growing up in Greenwood, Indiana, Jessica was very active and energetic. Never content to just sit and watch television, she and her two older sisters were always inventing and playing games, or testing their entrepreneurial prowess by selling their mother’s marigold seeds to the neighbors.

She still loves playing sports, especially volleyball and softball, as well as traveling and volunteering. Outside of Veros, the IUPUI graduate volunteers for INSPIRE, the young professionals advisory committee for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and volunteers for other Make-A-Wish projects.

Jessica dreams of being able to become even more involved in her volunteer work, and of travelling to Australia. She’s working on realizing those dreams by saving money for her Australia trip, by seeking more opportunities to volunteer.

Kelly M. Morgan: Wealth Management Manager

Kelly M. Morgan, CPA
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Kelly Morgan has been with Veros since 2003 and currently works as a Wealth Management Manager. She is an advisor for clients, a researcher of mutual funds and overseer of individual tax compliance.

Kelly grew up on a farm, and as a kid was very outdoorsy and athletic. She was active in school and sports, which had an important impact on the person she is today. She enjoys going for walks on the country roads and is a fill-in player for the Veros sand volleyball team. When that group works up a sweat, Kelly is the person who can cool them off with her specialty: sweet iced tea. She also loves spending time with her family, especially her two young daughters, who can send Mom into fits of laughter.

The Franklin College graduate’s dreams include either building a house or remodeling her family’s farmhouse, becoming more involved in her daughters’ school activities and watching them grow up and become successful, and eventually retiring. (Her husband can retire too, or at least retire from farming seven days a week!) She’s preparing for that by keeping a budget and maintaining savings goals, as well as maintaining an appropriate work-life balance to have the best possible parts of both worlds.

David A. Osowski: Advisor

David A. Osowski
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David Osowski became an Advisor at Veros in June 2014 after interning during tax season 2014. He was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, where he was a very energetic kid who always seemed to get into trouble for doing things he wasn’t supposed to do. Both as a kid and now, David loves spending time outdoors — especially working on cars and playing sports. He also claims to be a “master griller!”

In the fourth grade, David realized his gift for numbers after he won the multiplication and division time tests every month. Others are impressed with his ability to perform complex mathematical equations in his head. Aside from his math skills, David can also play piano upside-down. His friends outside of Veros would call him a technology expert who loves comedy of all kinds.

David believes the eight different jobs he’s had he growing up prior to graduating from Butler University have allowed him a variety of different experiences which ave shaped who he is today. He’d like to purchase a new home in the new few years, build a race care before he’s 50 and retire somewhere warm. David plans to make the right financial decisions by saving money now and paying off his debts in order to reach his Tomorrow Plan.

Michele Paynter: Tax Manager

Michele Paynter, CPA
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Michele Paynter is responsible for managing tax compliance projects as well as training and supervising the Veros’ interns. She is a detail-oriented, spreadsheet-driven and hard-working mother who grew up in a large family on the south east side of Indianapolis.

Michele realized her love of numbers when she received the Little Golden Book, “My First Counting Book,” which quickly became her childhood favorite. She was in the tax game before the age of ten, filing return forms by type for her dad’s CPA firm. She continued to hone her skills during high school by serving her peers as an accounting tutor. When she isn’t busy serving on the Finance Committee and School Commission at her church, she enjoys laughing with her kids and indulging in white chocolate mochas.

Her dreams for the future include finding a home with more space to host her friends and family, taking her family on a cruise and spending her retirement relaxing in a warm climate. She is reaching her goals for tomorrow by working hard and spending smart.

Katina L. Roberts: Bookkeeper

Katina L. Roberts
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Katina Roberts joined Veros in February 2014 as a Bookkeeper. She grew up in Beech Grove, Indiana, and was a very easy-going child. Katina graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She now lives with her family in Martinsville, where she has a small farm that includes goats and llamas. During time away from work, Katina loves scrapbooking, reading a good book and spending time with her grandchildren — who make her laugh with all of their off-the-wall comments!

Katina’s first job was at a local Dairy Queen at the age of fifteen where she quickly learned to work hard and always make a difference, no matter what the job. She believe that her dad helped shape her as a person and professional; he worked hard all his life and still made sure he had time for family. She remembers him attending all of her school and sports activities, and you will find Katina doing the same for her six children!

The culture and team is what she has come to love at Veros and is excited to work with so many great new clients. Katina’s dreams for her Tomorrow Plan include being debt free, building a new home, growing her family farm and visiting Hawaii. She is putting together a plan to save for all those things and achieve her dreams.

Patrick K. Roberts: Wealth Management Advisor

Patrick K. Roberts, CPA
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As an Advisor at Veros, Patrick Roberts works with the Wealth Management, Individual Tax and Company Retirement Plan sectors of the firm. Patrick is also in charge of technology management for Veros. He’s been here since 2008 and enjoys the fact that the firm works as a team and its members are all friends — the laid-back yet professional attitude makes it a great place to work.

Once, when Patrick was younger, his grandfather jokingly asked if he would lend him some money for a new lawnmower. Patrick’s response was that his family saved money to pay bills, and that his grandfather should do the same. From an early age, Patrick was on his way to working in money management! In school he was an accomplished athlete, playing baseball and basketball. (Ask him to demonstrate his curve ball or spin a basketball on his finger.) After high school, Patrick studied accounting at Franklin and earned his bachelor’s degree.

Patrick dreams of having children with his wife in the future, and expanding and continuing their travels around the area and the world. He’d like to be able to swim the Great Barrier Reef and someday build a house with a pool. He’s working toward that by saving as much money as possible while both he and his wife are working.

Kayla Robinson: Wealth Management Associate Advisor

Kayla A. Robinson
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Kayla Robinson is an Associate Advisor for the Wealth Management team. Growing up on a farm in Mooresville, Indiana, Kayla is a self-proclaimed country girl who delights in all things outdoors including camping, bonfires and four wheeling.

Kayla attributes the life lessons she learned from growing up on a farm and playing competitive sports for shaping her both personally and professionally. She operates with the philosophy that hard work, honesty and integrity always prevail. This belief, along with the smile and positive attitude she brings to work every day, make her a successful team player.

Kayla’s dreams for tomorrow include getting married, starting a family, building a home in the country and planning family vacations to go skiing out west. She is working to achieve these goals by continuing to work hard and learn as much as she can from the team at Veros.

Sarah M. Robinson: Advisor

Sarah M. Robinson

Sarah Robinson began her career at Veros as an intern before moving into her current role as an Advisor. Born and raised in Noblesville, Sarah is an Indiana girl with a competitive spirit. She spent most of her time growing up playing softball, volleyball and schooling the “smart kids” at times table races.

Not your average “number cruncher,” Sarah also has a creative side. She balances both talents by infusing color into her artfully crafted, yet detail-oriented, spreadsheets. When she’s not cracking jokes or competing with co-workers in sand volleyball, Sarah enjoys spending time with her three beautiful daughters.

Sarah envisions her Tomorrow as a successful, well-traveled business woman. She also dreams of family vacations and funding her daughters’ college educations. She believes hard work and an open mind will keep her growing personally and professionally so she can make her Tomorrow dreams come true.

Ashley M. Schmoll: Client Service Specialist

Ashley M. Schmoll
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Ashley Schmoll joined the firm in 2011 and is a Client Service Specialist. Her job includes helping the team respond to client service issues, greeting clients at the office, answering the telephone and scheduling internal office meetings. If you stop by or call, you’ll probably talk to Ashley first.

Energetic, adventurous and outgoing as a child, Ashley loved the outdoors and playing with friends. She’s still active today — she plays on a sand volleyball team, she’s the star right fielder for her softball team, and she is an avid boater during the summer.

Ashley dreams of being able to buy a house, getting married and having children, and being successful here at Veros. She’s moving toward those dreams by working hard and always maintaining a positive attitude about life, both personally and professionally. She enjoys working at Veros so far — the atmosphere is warm and comfortable, and the people are nice and outgoing.

Kyle B. Thompson: Wealth Management Manager

Kyle B. Thompson, CPA
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A member of the Veros team since 2008, Kyle Thompson currently works as a Senior Wealth Management Advisor and Investment Advisor. Kyle’s originally from Clay City, Indiana, where he was always on the move as a kid, getting into things he shouldn’t be — he’s been told he was a handful.

As a kid he loved being outside and that’s evolved into a love of yard work and golf (he has no spending limit on golf equipment). Aside from golf, he enjoys being at home with his wife Jordan and two furry friends.

Kyle is a graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. He dreams of becoming a partner at Veros and someday being able to have a winter home in Florida, where he can play golf every day. To reach those goals, Kyle surrounds himself with smart people who can become role models and mentors, and relies on his sponge-like skills to absorb information from successful people and books.

Shawnda A. Trout: Business Consulting Manager of Accounting and Bookkeeping

Shawnda A. Trout
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Shawnda Trout works directly with Veros clients on large accounting projects and internally manages the accounting and bookkeeping process as Business Consulting Manager of Accounting and Bookkeeping. Shawnda grew up in Winchester, Indiana, where she realized her love for numbers while calculating customer bills for the family business.

Before earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Evansville and a master’s in accountancy from the University of Notre Dame, Shawnda used her 12 years of competitive dance experience to teach children and adults. She says this experience helped her learn the values of dedication and patience and the importance of strong communication skills when working with others.

Outside of work, Shawnda lives up to her role as a “Do-it-All” mother by designing unique cakes for her kids’ birthdays, making fresh salsa and pasta sauce with homegrown vegetables, and having some fun by getting together with friends for “Girls Night Out.”

Shawnda’s accounting expertise keeps her on track to reaching her dream of having a cabin in Michigan for her family to enjoy the many outdoor activities they love doing together. In the meantime, she is devoted to spending as much time as possible with her children and growing professionally through her role with Veros.

Aaron Williams: Associate Advisor

Aaron Williams
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Aaron Williams is an Associate Advisor with Veros. As the son of a United States Marine, Aaron moved around quite a bit during his early years. His family finally settled in Franklin, IN where Aaron spent the majority of his elementary years playing every sport under the sun before focusing on football and track and field.

Aaron still enjoys going to the movies even after seven years of working at a movie theatre. He loves experiencing the full cinematic adventure of watching a movie on the big screen, something he says you just can’t get at home. His passion for the cinema is proven by his ability to predict a movie’s ending way before the credits roll.

Aaron dreams of starting a family with his wife and one day traveling with them through Europe. His goal is to pay off his house by the age of 35, while aggressively saving for retirement. He is working towards his dreams by tracking all of his spending and cutting back wherever possible.

Wendy Day York: Business Consulting Manager

Wendy Day York
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A Business Consulting Manager at Veros since 2008, Wendy Day York works closely with clients and trains them on how to use QuickBooks software, reviews accounting files, prepares financial statements and helps clients and Veros staff with any questions they have with accounting and bookkeeping.

Outside of work, Wendy devotes herself to helping her husband Shaun raise their 7-year-old son, Sam, and their chocolate lab, Sookie Blue. They love hosting holiday dinners and other celebrations at their home for family and friends. Wendy’s husband does most of the cooking, but she has proudly mastered the art of a great BLT when it’s her turn to make dinner. Despite graduating from Ball State University, she has been a true-blue Wildcat fan since the day she was born, and always makes time to attend as many UK basketball games as possible.

Wendy’s goals for tomorrow include installing an in-ground pool at her house, a long family trip to the western United States, and eventually, a nice beach house to which she can retire with her husband. She loves working at Veros because the company as a whole understands that a balance between work and life is important and different for every person, and it allows flexibility for employees to help them realize their dreams.

Kenneth E. Niles: Bookkeeper

Kenneth E. Niles
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Kenneth Niles, known by most as Ken, joined the Veros team as a Bookkeeper in December 2014. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Ken relocated to Florida to attend Eckerd College where he double-majored in Psychology and Athletic Administration and minored in Business Management, then moved on to San Antonio, Texas. He now lives with his wife Joy on the northeast side of Indianapolis. But those are only 4 of the ten states in which he’s lived.

All of his past jobs in those different states have taught him customer service skills, financial management, relationship management and team management. When he began his college baseball coaching career, one of his favorite parts of his job was to pour through data and statistics of future opponents to come up with their offensive and defensive trends. He would then build the game plan around that information. All of these job skills have translated to life skills for Ken – he recognizes that every interaction is an opportunity for a new relationship and every one of those new relationships can lead to an opportunity for personal growth.

Ken continues to be involved with baseball outside of work at Veros as he is a scout for the San Diego Padres. He also coaches youth and high school baseball and softball players almost 7 days a week. As if that’s not enough baseball, Ken also acts as the head coach for the 17U Indiana Mustangs Baseball Club, a travel team based out of Noblesville.

Though he loves his involvement with baseball, he also loves the people at Veros whom he gets to work with each day. He can’t wait to work on his dreams for his Tomorrow of buying a waterfront condo in Florida, taking a 2-month European vacation with his wife and eventually retiring on the Gulf Coast of Florida to play golf at least 4 days a week. To reach these goals, he plans to max out his 401(k) contributions, pay off his student loans and mortgage as soon as possible and utilize our Veros Wealth Management team to help him get there.

Cheryl D. Craig: Seasonal Tax Preparer

Cheryl D. Craig
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Cheryl Craig joined the Veros team in January 2013 as a Seasonal Tax Return Preparer and helps the team with Form 1099 filing for clients, as well as preparing individual income tax returns.

While Cheryl may come across as the “quiet part-timer,” she is actually quite active. As the oldest of 10 children, she is no stranger to a busy environment and helping out where needed. Her friends might tell you she’s always busy, as she and her husband own and maintain their properties totaling 100 acres, not to mention travel to antique shows throughout the year buying and selling antiques. Cheryl’s need for organization and attention to detail keep her on track though – at the office and at home. She loves hosting get togethers for her family, to whom she attributes her good foundation for what has shaped her as a person and a professional. Cheryl is humble, caring, organized, giving and patient, and she has certainly exemplified those qualities while at Veros.

Cheryl graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business from Lakeland College in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She moved back to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1999 where a majority of her family lives. Cheryl and her husband have dreams of taking trips to France and Italy in the next few years. Their more long-term dreams include good health to be able to enjoy time with their children and four grandchildren!