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Introducing New Dental Tools

Its official – Veros Dental launched a new set of tools to give dentists more peace of mind every step of the way. Drawing on years of experience helping dentists launch, acquire and manage their practices, we’ve built a specific process that breaks everything down into smart, manageable steps. These tools make it possible to keep a big picture perspective while working through the important details. That way, we create a plan that aligns with your goals now, tomorrow and even 20 years down the line.

The Dental Acquisition Advocateâ„¢

Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your practice into multiple locations, the Dental Acquisition Advocate is a proprietary approach that helps you go further, faster. Here is how it works:

Phase 1: Recognize

Starting off, we help you define your ideal practice. We discuss your personal goals, your vision for a practice and establish your requirements for purchase.

Phase 2: Analyze

Once you identify a practice, we evaluate it by looking critically at its operational and financial components and assist in preparing the offer. This due diligence ensures you are buying the right practice for the right price.

Phase 3: Realize

Our upfront work pays off as we help you close the acquisition. In this phase, we monitor and advise on the integral components of the transaction, including the purchase agreement, proper entity structuring and financing.

Phase 4: Launch

The final objective is to ensure you can treat patients and run your practice successfully, starting Day One. We initiate critical administrative systems and best practices, and introduce opportunities for continued support through our managed services platform.

The Practice Activatorâ„¢

The Dental Practice Activatorâ„¢ allows you to start your new practice with all the tools necessary for success. We know what it takes to launch, operate and sustain a successful practice, down to the minute details. We guide you through a process that establishes a firm foundation for your practice.

Phase 1: Vision

At the start, we help you establish a vision for your practice that aligns with your objectives. Through a structured and in-depth interview, we get to know you, your needs and your goals. Together, we define the details of your ideal practice.

Phase 2: Action

Armed with your vision and a suitable location, we get to work on making it a reality. During this phase, we help outline the functional and operational needs of your practice. Simultaneously, we help you evaluate financing options as we create financial projections and finalize the business plan.

Phase 3: Build

Now that the major decisions have been made, we establish the infrastructure to ensure your success. With the financial, operational and functional pieces in place, you are ready to open the doors to your practice.

Phase 4: Launch

We review the entire process to make sure nothing has been overlooked, and continuing our path of success and sustainability, we provide training and strategies to you and your team. We can also provide critical ongoing support through our managed services platform, so you can stay on track to meet your goals.

The Dental Business Solutionâ„¢

The Dental Business Solutionâ„¢ provides ongoing operational confidence to our clients and enables them to strategically plan for and capture opportunities. We focus our industry knowledge and expertise to help clients operate their business with a tactical mindset.

Phase 1: Align

Our comprehensive on boarding structure establishes a powerful working relationship and integrates our systems, teams and synergies into your practice. Additionally, we identify objectives and set clear expectations of what to expect throughout our engagement.

Phase 2: Account

Ensuring your business runs smoothly includes the proper completion of monthly, quarterly and annual tasks. This includes bill pay, bookkeeping and tax filings. We also monitor your practice’s finances and prepare dashboards to enhance operational clarity.

Phase 3: Advise

Your reports become much more than numbers as we share a deeper level of commentary. Combining our dental industry expertise, and armed with the vision of your personal and business goals, we help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Phase 4: Excel

As your daily operations continue, we hold planned POWER (Practice, Operations, Workforce and Expansion Review) Sessions several times a year. Through a proprietary assessment process, we help you analyze key areas of focus that are critical for success. Based on your unique needs, these sessions include:

  • Operations/Practice
  • Strategic Planning
  • HR/Workforce
  • Tax
  • Estate and Personal Finance

Additionally, we refine your personal and professional objectives and ensure they’re aligned with an action plan and execution strategy to accomplish them. Whether you seek to expand or transition your practice, or just find ways to increase operational efficiencies, our partnership ensures you have the resources, capabilities and insight to do so.

Our new dental tools provide a big picture process that is thorough and clarifying. We aren’t just here to crunch the numbers and send you on your way. We act as an advocate to lead you down the path you want to go so you can take each step with confidence and purpose.