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What Your Dental CPA Should Do For You

If we asked each of our readers what they expect of a dental CPA, we’d likely get a variety of answers. The most common would be, “They should do my taxes and help me save money.” Agreed. This would be one of the items on the list, but there are a number of others as well. Here is a list of what we think a dental CPA should do and who they should be for their client:

  • Be an advocate.
    They should provide insight and guidance for success.
  • Be objective.
    They should tell it like it is (whether it sounds good or not).
  • Identify deductions.
    They should provide strategies to help with the tax burden.
  • Identify risks.
    Make sure you know where potential exposures exist.
  • Be proactive.
    They should be thinking of things before you ask them.
  • Monitor cash and financial position.
    They should do more than report the numbers; providing insight and information is critical.
  • Provide encouragement and tough love.
    They should be a cheerleader and a reality check all in one.
  • Be a resource.
    They should be a resource for other needed resources.
  • Offer insight.
    They should provide insight and comparisons to other experiences in the industry to help lead the path to success.

The dental CPA may be the “numbers person,” but they should also be the “action person” helping turn the numbers, information, goals and discussions into identifiable and actionable plans.

Were you expecting our list to consist of prepare taxes, balance the books, reconcile statements, give me reports and help keep my tax bill low? This is the minimum expectation that you should have for any CPA. A dental CPA does these, but they should separate themselves by delivering the items that are not expected.