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What Are The Benefits of Working with a Dental CPA?

Dentists have many decisions to make during their careers. Who a dentist aligns him/her self with to help make these decisions will have an impact in numerous ways. Using a dental CPA provides the dentist with a true partner in making financial decisions and can positively impact them throughout their career. How can a dental CPA help be a positive impact for you? Here’s a summary of some of the differentiators when compared to a non-specialized advisor.

A dental CPA knows the industry.
A dental CPA is very familiar with industry benchmarks and guidelines. They understand how to take this information and apply it to your dental practice and situation to provide clarity for success and continuous improvement.

A dental CPA knows the issues.
From acquisitions to sales, associateships to buy-ins, a dental CPA knows how to approach the difficult and involved situations a dentist will face. A dental CPA is positioned to provide leadership toward positive outcomes for the dentist through these milestone decisions.

A dental CPA knows the trends.
A dental CPA works with dentists every day. They observe and hear what practices are facing. These challenges evolve. As your partner, they can provide real insight into how these trends may impact your practice, or their knowledge of current trends may provide a clearer understanding of new challenges in your practice.

A dental CPA knows the rules.
A dental CPA has a specialized working knowledge of the rules that apply to dentists and their dental practices. They also know how to guide the dentist to use these rules to their advantage. Through creative and strategic tax planning, for instance, a dental CPA can guide a dentist to a more positive financial outcome.

A dental CPA has the resources.
Like anyone, a dental CPA doesn’t know it all of course. However, a dental CPA knows how to get answers. Uniquely trained to solve problems, your dental CPA partner will be an advocate for bringing solutions even when they don’t have them at their disposal.

A dental CPA knows the language.
Through their daily involvement in the industry, a dental CPA knows the language a dentist speaks. As a dentist, you won’t have to train your advisor on important details like the difference between gross production, adjusted production and collections. A dental CPA can step right in and work alongside you and your dental practice from the start.

A dental CPA has the experience.
A dental CPA has seen what works and what doesn’t work. They are in a unique position to leverage their daily interactions to create results for you. Need a bonus plan that works? Here are a few we’ve seen be successful. Have an idea for compensating your new associate? Here’s how it compares with arrangements we’ve seen.

A dental CPA has the contacts. 
A dental CPA works with many other professionals in serving dentists. They observe who performs effectively and ethically. Your dental CPA is a great resource for opinions on other advisors with whom you and your dental practice may need to align.

A dental CPA, through these above mentioned differentiators, will bring both leadership and clarity to your financial situation. They’ll even push you to continuously improve yourself and your practice. John Wooden said, ” Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.” What a great suggestion for building your team and aligning yourself for success! A dental CPA can be just that for you.