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Avoiding Start-Up Pains

Many dentists are not aware of the resources that are available to assist them with their new dental practice start-up. There are many individuals who can provide value during a dental start-up and can reduce the stress and level of work that is on your plate!

You do not have to do it all alone. Utilize the experts as part of your team to start your practice off on the right foot professionally and with a great first impression!

Space and Leases
There are dental specific commercial real estate brokers who can assist with the demographic studies to let you know if the location can sustain your practice. They will also assist with locating the space that meets your needs, negotiations of lease terms and finding the right fit for you and your future practice. Selecting your location is crucial to your long-term success for many reasons so bring in an expert to assist!

Business Plans and Financial Projections
CPAs can assist with writing your business plan and provide guidance with determining the foundation of your new practice. They can also assist with the financial projections to help you outline the first three to five years of your practices finances and help you understand what it all means.

Logo and Website Design
Marketing companies, designers and consultants can assist with your brand and creating the first impression of your practice. They will also provide you with ideas on reaching out to the public and focusing on practice growth that aligns with your vision.

Office Design and Evaluation of Location
An interior designer will develop space plans and evaluate the location to ensure it will meet your vision for the practice. Not only will they put the look into your practice, but they will also make sure that everything flows well from walking into the front door of your practice to walking back to the patient rooms.

Equipment Selections and Needs
An equipment specialist will suggest design layouts, assist with equipment selections and technology needs, provide pricing of all equipment and provide training.

Many dentists want to do their own payroll in-house to save a little money. We always recommend outsourcing your payroll and leaving it up to the experts! There are many mistakes that can happen if you are unfamiliar with what needs to be done, like quarterly filings, insurance payments, etc. Mistakes in this area can be costly to you!

There are many other professionals you need to consider for your team. Utilize the experts to take some of the stress and workload off of your plate!